General Info

These are general guidelines only.  Your experience may vary depending on a number of variables (such as local climate, incubation temperature, feed composition, etc).  Incubation Period Feathered Eggs Butcher Date
Bobwhite 22 days 5 weeks 20 - 22 weeks 12 weeks
Button 18 days 4-5 weeks 6 - 8 weeks N/A


 - Jumbo/Pharaoh

 - Texas A&M

 - Tuxedo

 - English White

 - Tibeten

17 days 4 - 5 weeks 7 - 10 weeks 8 Weeks
Gambrel 22 days 5 weeks 20 - 22 weeks N/A



  • Boiler - A bird raised with the purpose of providing meat.
  • Brooder - A temporary environment for growing chicks.
  • Candling - The process of shining a bright light through an egg to check fertility or monitor a developing embryo.
  • Cock - A male bird.
  • Fart Egg - A very small egg containing no yoke.
  • Hen - A female bird.
  • Incubator - A device that creates an environment ideal for hatching eggs.  Incubators will provide a controlled temperature and humidity level.
  • Layer - A bird raised with the purpose of providing eggs.
  • Pip & Zip - The process of a chick emerging from its shell.  The chick creates a small hole (pip).  After a short rest, the chick pecks through the shell along a line (zip).  At this point, the chick starts to wedge the egg apart.

Common Breeds

  • Bobwhite - Provides egg and meat.  Often used for hunting/dog training.
  • Button - Smaller breed primarily for show/pet.
  • Gambel - Show/pet bird with feather plume on top of head.
  • Jumbo Coturnix/Pharaoh - Larger breed for egg production and meat (dark meat).  Require less space per bird.
  • Texas A&M - Larger breed for for egg production and meat (white meat).  Require less space per bird.