Quail eggs are one of the easier eggs to incubate.  There are two essential items needed for a successful incubation...

  1. Fertile eggs - You can find fertile eggs online at ebay or from a local farmer.
  2. An incubator - Incubators can be found online at Amazon or in a local Tractor Supply Co (or equivalent).
A Successful Incubation

    Recommended steps for a successful incubation...

    1. Allow eggs to sit for 2-3 days at room temperature with the 'pointy' side down.  This allows the egg to acclimate to a warmer temperature (if ordered online) and allows the air pocket to properly set.
    2. After the rest period, set the eggs in your incubator (which should already be at the proper temperature and humidity level (99.5 F and 45%).  The pointy side should be down, but slightly off center.
    3. If you do not have an automatic egg turner, manually turn your eggs 3+ times each day.  Again, the pointy side stays down.  One method is to have the eggs in a egg container and put a rock under one side.  To turn, they simply remove the rock and add it to the other side.  Turning the eggs helps center the yolk and prevents it from sticking to the membrane.
    4. About 3 days prior to anticipated hatching day, stop turning the eggs and increase the humidity level to 65%.
    5. As your chicks begin hatching, allow the chick to dry completely in the incubator before removing.


    • Be patient.  Don't open the incubator more than necessary during incubation.
    • After a hatch, let your chicks dry fully before handling.
    • Turn the eggs frequently.  This will help reduce birth defects and increase your hatch rate.
    • Keep the incubator at the correct temperature and humidity level.  99.5 F and 45% (increasing to 65% after you stop turning).